For those who pray please pray for Angie's decision tomorrow morning...?

Angie goes to disability court tomorrow with her lawyer and an expert witness…she needs the decision to be positive so badly tomorrow…could you please pray for her if you pray?


praying 4 u all

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The decision might not be made tomorrow. They have 90 days to make the call. My hearing was July 2, still haven’t heard back even though the work specialist told him I couldn’t work.


oh no, that’s awful !! I am so sorry you are waiting so long to hear back !!

The waiting is the worst part! I hope it goes well.

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Just don’t want you to be disappointed if you don’t know right away.


I will pray for your Angie, @jukebox. Sure.

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I sincerely hope Angie gets her disability award.

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Prayers going up.:smiley:

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Definitely pray for you guys. Hugs. Hopefully you get a good answer.

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My prayers go out to both of you guys @jukebox.

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oh thanks everyone for praying for us !! makes me feel better knowing there is more than just us praying for a good outcome tomorrow…!!


I hope to God that the hearing goes well.

i prayed for you two, your qualified.

I’m praying! I hope it goes well!

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I will also pray.

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I pray for Angie that she will get her disability award.

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How did the hearing go?

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Prayers have been offered. Best wishes.


@leafy she thought it went well…from what she told me about what was said by her outspoken lawyer I believe it went VERY well…Angie is still nervous…we hear back within 3 months the decision…wasn’t revealed at the hearing.