For the schizos who dont have energy?

is the lack of energy a symptom of schizophrenia? I am trying to complain less about my illness…and ive tried without meds for 2 months…but the problem is that I take my anger and my jealousy in me, I stop eating,i start vomiting and I cant get out of bed…its strange but my zyprexa calms me down a little bit,i stop vomiting and I start to go out of bed. but isn’t it strange for an ap to give energy?
take care people:)

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Entities and negative energy can drain your energy.

Lack of motivation or a loss of desire creeps my way. I think it’s because of certain substances then I use to much energy thinking,planning and meditating. When it’s time for the actually task I’m too drained to make that first step so I think again=drained= cycle of procrastination. . Now I have to trick myself by doing the first step but thinking about when I should start(already did) . Mainly is to focus on yourself and the reward. One step at a time. Good luck

Not eating, and purging what you do eat, will zap you of your energy. So if you don’t engage in these self-harming behaviors while on your medication, then that’s probably why you have more energy on your medication, because you’re not starving and damaging your body. Purging (vomiting) will also screw up your electrolyte balance and can cause you to go into cardiac arrest, that is just how bad it is for you, so it’s no wonder that your energy level would also plummet.

You should probably start taking your medication again.

I prefer person with schizophrenia over schizo :slight_smile: my energy is not that high right now but I’m making an effort to do stuff.

I think exercise is the only answer. Deplore it all you’d like, you can’t alter it.