For the Record - I am Pro Medication

Continuing the discussion from More Harm Than Good: Confronting the Psychiatric Medication Epidemic:

Just to make things perfectly clear, my psychiatrist is NOT ok with me getting off of my Antipsychotic.

I happen to know that I need to take an Antipsychotic, probably for the rest of my life - I know that I most likely would destabilize quickly without my Risperdal or at least another Antipsychotic.

I just wish that these meds were a bit safer, thats all - going as low as possible helps a bit.

Just for the record, I am not Anti Psychiatry.

Meds have helped me over the years - I would be either in jail or in the Hospital without them.


same here… Jail… hospital or dead.

I am glad to see that some doc’s are augmenting a med regime with therapy and other techniques… more coping skills and a little less meds…

But the meds work… I never used to believe that… and then I ended up homeless… and taken to the hospital by the police…

There are many new studies that have been looking more closely at negative symptoms… that makes me hopeful.

I’m glad I have a doc who is cautious with the meds… but I still need them…

For now… I’m Ok with that… I don’t really have any other choice.

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I’d definitely be dead without them. I tried going from 20 MG to 10 MG of abilify per day back in April and became completely without psychotic within 5 days. Couldn’t imagine if I had gone off them completely, or waited any longer.

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I don’t know if “Pro-medication” is the best way to describe me. I regard anti-psychotics as necessary evils.

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Well, I have picture-perfect evidence as to why they don’t work with me. You can stay on your prescriptions, I’m just saying it’d be nice if doctors were more open-minded to stopping them. In my local vicinity all they do is push meds, even if ineffective or clients request to discontinuet them.

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If there was an effective med for negative symptoms with minimal sides. I would take it.
But there isn’t.
I effectively manage my positive symptoms with my learned coping mechanisms.
So I am still open minded.


Would you like a side of cholesterol with your meds? :wink:

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Lol i get enough of that from mcdonalds :blush:


I am definitely pro meds. I’ve been without them enough times to know its bad news to lower or quit without a doctor’s help.

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