For the last 14 years, I've been

Practicing piano for an hour every day, for about six days a week. I have about 4,000 hours of practice built up now. That is all. It takes 10,000 hours of practice to be expert at anything. Or, near expert. You might not get into the PGA, I realize that.

But, anyway, I don’t work and I’m thinking that if I live long enough, I might practice for 4 hours every day for 4 years and build up 6,000 more hours. What do you guys think?


How has your piano playing progressed over the 4,000 hours? Are you a really good piano player now?

If the additional practice and/or the goal of being an expert piano player takes the joy away from playing the piano, then I wouldn’t do it.

The joy of playing the piano always has to come first.


I think its a myth that there is a benchmark of hours to mastery, that being said, if you like it, and you are having a good time with it, and are at all passionate about it, why give up?


My concern would be whether your fingers can handle moving around rapidly for 4 hours a day at your age. If you can manage that (take lots of rests), then go for it!

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I agree with the other posters, if you are enjoying it then do it. If it feels like a job then don’t.



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All of you guys make total sense. The joy of it has to come first. I don’t have such innate talent that piano practice is pure joy for me. In fact, it’s more like a chore. But, it’s getting less so every year.
I think I’ll stick with an hour a day.


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