For Darksith

Miss your humor and I hope all is well and your not too busy during this full moon lunar eclipse up here.

Keep on rocketing… :rocket:


thanks SurprisedJ,
been ill my mind went to mush and then my body joined in, i have been staring at the ceiling , today is my first day on the laptop.
thanks for caring… …
of course in my ’ real ’ mind i have been on a swashbuckling adventure through the stars, meeting new beings and helping them battle against the evil forces…
i hope you and your sis and family had a nice easter, not too many chocolate easter eggs !!
take care


:smiley: I am so glad to see you. Sorry you went through a bad patch there. Good to have you back.

Swashbuckling sounds like more fun then what I was doing.

Hope you and your wife had a nice Easter as well.

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Glad you’re back from the stars to be with us!


I’m so happy to see you back. I’m glad your getting back in to swing of things.

It’s nice see your posting again. You were missed.

Hope you had a good Easter as well.

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