A good morning

so this morning i had a demon scream in my face…no volume still…so cool. :imp:
my slice :cake: of cake i bought in town…grew spider legs…then turned into a spider…so normal.
then i had a paranoid ’ glitch '…i have got rid of my paranoia…but i get tiny paranoid ’ glitches ’ now and again…when tired…now i think i have been poisoned…( but i know it is rubbish ).

so this is a good morning for me. :sunny:
but my alien has been talking to me as normal…and i didn’t get operated on by aliens last night…so cool
take care people of earth :earth_asia: from me :alien:


Sounds like an interesting experience.

I’ve had a pretty relaxing day. Bought some Lysol spray to disinfect/deodorize my shoes. Printed off new insurance cards in case I get pulled over.

Talked a bit with @sarad she says she’ll be back in full force once her ban is lifted.(I don’t know if that’s a good or bad thing)

Glitches aren’t fun. I’m glad you know how to handle yours.


bi- carb soda helps to deodorize shoes…it is cheaper to buy.
i am glad @Sarad is safe and well.
take care :alien:

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How did you talk to @sarad I miss her?


You sound like your having an Ok morning… you handle it all with grace.

it took me a long time to just ride it out… like a wave… it will pass…

Of course… sitting here in my apartment… as the evening cools and the night quiets down… its easy to be calm and collected and no stress…

But sometimes after a long and intense day… I’m not so able to just let things pass…


in my view point you are doing an amazing job. :trophy:
you were homeless…and lost.
now you have an apartment. :european_post_office:
a great job :deciduous_tree: :sunflower:
a great girl
a great family
you study…which is amazing
you flew first class to that wedding…amazing. :airplane:
you are kind
you are supportive
you are super intelligent :blue_book:
and funny.
okay, now i am feeling underwhelmed with my own accomplishments !!.. :wink:
we call people like you a ’ top bloke ’ in australia.
bug :bug: hug.
take care :alien:


Wow… thank you for all that…

I look up to you as well… your kindness and humor I admire…
I do admire that fact that your the word on holistic health and natural healing.

You’ve over come an unsupportive family as well.

I try to emulate your Zen contentment…

By the way… how is the hound of the Baskervilles and that part of the Sith gang?

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the hound of the baskervilles…has a new game. :dog2:
he hides behind the very large bush at the front of the yard…and then jumps out barking at the poor postie and other unsuspecting pedestrians !?!
all of whom needed a new pair of pants…whoops !!! :toilet:
he has eaten 3 dog beds !?!
buried his dinasaur bone in my sister in laws actual bed they sleep in…yuk !?!
he humps everything…what the !?!
he dug up the electrical cables !
the dog is friggin huge !?! …and a nightmare…but loved. :dog: :heart:
take care :alien:


At least the hound sounds happy… :smiley:

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Our neighbours cat came from across the street this mourn.

He stopped to say hi shortly and i petted him.

So i hung out a bit and i looked up and there he was again coming from the same spot, he stopped to say hi and i petted him.

It was wierd. Im thinking the first one was an imposter cat trying to trick me. Or it was a glitch because something was changed.


You should have a cat! :cat:
They are great company.

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Hello Darksith

If you remember you can tell them to find me. I spend time with these type demons every day of the week. I talk wth them and help them understand themselves again, thank of it like you are helping them. Just tell it to find powessy and they do in short order.


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