For all my fellow Doctor Who fans

Twitch is having a classic Doctor Who live marathon. Right now they are showing Patrick Troughton and Tomb of the Cyberman. Put it on in the background and have some nerd time! :slight_smile:


I don’t know what’s that

I’m not personally a Dr. Who fan, but I see why so many people like it :slightly_smiling_face:

It’s a sci-fi tv show about a Doctor who timetravels in a blue phone-box.

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Haven’t watched it in years. Used to terrify me as a kid

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I watched Doctor who from 2005 with David Tennant and I stopped when they turned the Doctor into a woman. The show is ruined now. I hate the BBC’s leftie liberal agenda… Also current episodes are super cheesy/cringeworthy.

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My dad used to watch the old dr who when I was a kid. It was too cheesy to be scary really.

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Dr’s 4 - 5
we were different
they could be terrifying

psychological more than anything else
they had rubbish effects but we didn’t even know that at the time - really it was clever in a way even then

love all the Dr’s maybe 1 - 3 are too old for me to be around for to fall in love with

Jodie is brilliant.

they had to tone it down
it was pure horror in bits of most episodes and i could not have coped with it at times age 7
i was bad enough when it was tame

as an adult re watching series 9 - 11 at the moment I miss the scary and the more complex stories
feel like it was as much for the adults
i’d not have understood any of it as a child
they have kind of retconed the show

they are recruiting - people will grow up with it again
I think that is brilliant

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