Fantastic day

hey guys and gals today i did somthing i thought i would never do as i am scared of people and hights. and today i went to the doctor who premier in cardif, and my sz didnt hold me back i realy enjoyed it and even got autographs i was so brave in my eyes and proud of my self. i did use prn at the very end :slight_smile: but i just wanted to share this with you all. its a proud day for me :slight_smile:


Awesome, I’m glad you had a great time. :smile:

I’m eager to see the new season, it’ll be good to have an old Doctor again.

What is “premier in cardif”? And whose autographs did you want and get?

was the new series of doctor who and it was a premier in cardif (wales) i got peter capaldi and jenna colemans autographs :smiley:

It was the celebration and showing of the new season’s first episode of the tv show “Doctor Who”. I assume he got autographs of cast members.

Were any of the other Doctors or additional cast members there?

just jenna coleman and peter capaldi and steven moffat (the director) and one other who i wasnt sure who he was i think he is the new campanion in a few episodes