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For all concerned parties


If you need an antipsychotic, and you are concerned about the negative
effects an antipsychotic has on your health,
it appears that Brexpiprazole is the safest option to try.


But, of course, every drug will affect every person differently. You should speak with your doctors about medication options if you’re interested in them.


I’ve never even heard of brexpiprazole before. Off to Google.

ETA it’s Rexulti for anyone else that didn’t know the generic name.


Is this what you’re on? Does it help with your erratic moods?


It’s commonly called Rexulti.


I must take an antipsychotic, I can’t continue like this.
I need an antipsychotic that gives the therapeutic effect and has no negative health effects.
This seems to be the medication I need.


Geodon does well for me with minimal side effects. :blush:


Nope, I want to live, I want to live, I will stick to my current strategy.
I will quit this forum.


Brexpiprazole is incredibly similar to abilify, but is more tolerable. I don’t think there is a “best” antipsychotic for side effects, usually you will trade off a side effect on one for a different one on another. Everyone reacts individual to each medication, with some people finding some neuroleptics more tolerable or benificial than others.

I think the most tolerable and effective is olanzapine according to a big study done a while ago called CATIE or something like that. It was a while ago but prescribers still go by the results of it and tend to try olanzapine first.

Lurasidone is known for its mild side effect profile, though it causes akathisia and insomnia. I had insomnia on it.

As for avoiding metabolic effects consider ziprasidone or haloperidol.

I have been on both Brexpiprazole and Aripiprazole for several months each, they both had their individual effects on me, but I found Brexpiprazole more tolerable at the time I took it. It did cause weight gain in me, but I think this was due to being on quetiapine at the time.

The issues you suffer from seem to be more like mood swings, if I were you I would consider trying a mood stabilizer or an antidepressant to level out moods and prevent intrusive thoughts.



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