Footprints in the sand

The past that we have traveled like footprints in the sand
Are better washed away, and faded.
They are temporary little marks on the land, and should soon be forgotten.
Please do not fall to pondering in retrospect, lamenting to the point of stopping forward motion.
It does no good to look back and feel remorse for what has been erased by the ocean.
Following our footprints will lead us back to places we have already been and seen
and do not wish to see any more
We have no need to turn and follow them back to where we were before.
Let the ocean take them and erase that winding path.
Let the waters take the footprints and clean them, clear them from the waters edge.
Where those footprints lead from, we have no need to see
We want to go forward. To make our way to calm waters and sunnier days that lie ahead.
Our effort and strength got us here, and our feet did leave some marks.
But do not lament the journey
Let the footprints in the sand depart


Thank you for this one. I like it. I think I understand.

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