The poem that wrote itself

The first two lines of this poem i wrote just an idea for future use. A few days later i found this. I have no idea which freaks me out a bit.

Today i saw
Where i followed
To see
Where Im going
Where i came from
Where this rugged
Path would lead
Who walked ahead
If they had
Good intentions
Or one to bring me
My final breath
I felt no fear
More like resignation
Not knowing
Not caring
Its like
No one could stop
Me from
So why
Wouldnt i accept
This fate
Why would it matter
I am stuck in the same place
Feet moving
Never getting
But i feel like
I am almost there
Don’t speak to me
I only understand
The voice inside
I push on
Longer than my feet
Can take
Its a 50 year journey
When will it end


I like that title! Not too bad!

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