Football season

football season starts tomorrow.anyone here go to football matches or any other sport?kinda therapeutic…fresh air,friends and singing!!

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Yes I will watch at the pub with friends, sunday for my team though. We dont have seats in the stadium. A bit later I will start playing myself again as well. (I’m talking football, as in ‘soccer’, btw :))

Lets hope my team isn’t fighting relegation this season lol

I go to australian football matches all the time. Love it!! Its nearly finals time and my team may make it so its exciting times. I also follow american football which starts soon. Id like to go to america one day and see the miami dolphins play.

I have never gone to any football matches, maybe I should. I do not follow any sports either.

we played away today.lost 2-0.really annoying that !.glad other people find it uplifting to watch there is different watching at the stadium rather than on tv though.good luck to your teams for the season.

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