Do you follow any sports?

I love sport. The AFL (australian football league) is awesome!! I go for the Geelong Cats. We arnt going too good this season but ohh well. I also like american football the nfl. But its hard to follow due to the timezones. Games are usually televised during the day when im at work. I like the Miami Dolphins. Just because of the colors lol. I liked orlando magic in the nba when I was a kid because of shaq. What sports do you like? What teams do you follow?? :slight_smile:

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I follow the Oklahoma University football team. Football is big in Oklahoma. I also pay some attention to amateur wrestling. Not many other people like it, but I think it is great to watch.


Soccer. I like women’s soccer the best but men’s will do. I like to watch softball when it’s on, but not baseball.

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Hockey and football. The NHL is my favorite sport then the NFL

I don’t really watch sport a lot, but when I do I like athletics, especially the long jump and high jump. I used to do it in primary school. I also like watching the Olympics when they have unusual sports like diving and gymnastics.

I don’t follow any team sports or even like any. I was so awkward as a kid (usual autistic problems with co-ordination) that I was the one nobody wanted to pick for their team. Period. I grew up hating team sports and still do. I am not even able to pretend to like them so as to be able to fit in. I won’t eat in any restaurant that has sports playing on a flat screen.


Tour de France!!

I was a sports nut for years before I became a music obsessive. I soon found out I wasn’t that good at organized sports. Over the years my interest has waned to practically next to nothing. Besides, I see them as being rather Sysephean because the novelty of winning the championship is lost as soon as the next season starts. But that’s just me!

I win you loose. Hurray. End of story.
Don’t see sports and don’t like sports. But used to practice martial marts.

I like baseball. MLB.

I like baseball, the Cubs and football, the Saints

The Tennessee Titans, The Oakland Raiders, The Baltimore Ravens, The San Francisco 49ers, The New Orleans Saints, Tennis, Basketball, and Baseball and more

I’m an avid sports fan

I like UCONN huskies basketball the most (being from connecticut), yankees, jets, nets, rangers hockey, uconn football, jordan spieth in golf, usa soccer, and much more.

I watch as much sports as I could. It’s my #1 past time. it’s how i pass the time when im not reading books.

Ping pong, srs.,…,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.

I used to follow professional football - you know the NFL, this was years ago.
Today I dont follow pro sports except for soccer and the World Cup - I love soccer and used to play in High School.

Hey hey, right on!! My favorite team in any sport. I’m an East Coast transplant, but my world comes to a screeching halt for 3 hours when the Ravens are on. I love baseball! I enjoy baseball more than football, but I root harder for the Ravens than anyone else. Big Baltimore Orioles fan too.

I watch people beat the ■■■■ out of each other sometimes. It’s called UFC. Haven’t really been into it since I was a teen. I’m 22.

I also like bodybuilding and powerlifting. I actually do that myself. I used to be a fighter. Been in several unsanctioned fights. 4-1. Got knocked out my first fight in about 15 seconds. Learned quick.

Been in sanctioned full contact sparring. Didn’t go well. Was out of the game for three years and had been smoking a pack a day. Deviated septum. ■■■■ surgery. Nope.

Was about to compete in raw powerlifting, got injured. Healed up, about to compete the next year, got kicked off the team. Two years of training good for nothing but “hey look at this sick video”.

Downhill mountain biking and hockey. Skateboarding sometimes.

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Basketball and table tennis

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Avid NBA fan since I was 8 or 9. I have league pass and I watch 1-2 games every day. Grew up near the Warriors and always been a big fan…