Food robot

I just checked a page written by bbc that says food robots will be available for 150,000 dollars starting next year and can cook full meals are u excited?

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I don’t know. I’m not an authority on cooking, but microwave ovens would make that food robot obsolete. And the price tag - $150,000 sheesh. I don’t know. I saw a story on the news about these people sampling $220,000 a bottle whiskey, so it might be possible for a ridiculously effete family to want this robot, but I’m perfectly content with my microwave.

Here in my country there is no pre cooked plate that you can put in the microwave
You need to cook everything yourself.
I saw on tik tok a steak plate that comes microwavable and then ready to eat but we dont have it here in lebanon

Maybe you could set up a business importing microwaves into Lebanon. Just a stray thought. Personally, I don’t care how much money I had, I would never pay $150,000 for a robot to cook my meals. I wonder how reliable it would be.

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We have microwave but there is no food ready to eat after being microwaved in the supermarket you understand?

People who can afford such a gadget can afford to pay a lot more taxes.

Okay. I missed that. Sorry.

To be honest, that kind of freaks me out a bit. To imagine AI cooking, cleaning taking jobs etc, the list goes on
But if you like it that’s good for you. Tk good care. btw Im very new to this website. With a lot of posts I don’t really know what to say, but today I want to encourage and bless others


welcome @lovesong

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AI is creepy indeed, savage and petty or whom ever created the software was at some instinces. I swear they can also see behind my eye balls as I get marketing tracking on my phone of things ive only thought of or seen not looked up online or spoken out loud about…Elon musk can elaborate…:smiling_face_with_three_hearts::blush::gift_heart::sparkling_heart::nazar_amulet:

I wonder when pdocs can be replaced by AI or robots.

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That $150,000 is just the beginning. You would also have to do cleaning and maintenance on the thing.

I am sure Ai can diagnose us and prescribe and dispense meds for us if they wanted to. But that would wipe out a bunch of pdocs who get paid 300$K a year. They would protest.


There is no substitute for human judgement and reasoning - robots can’t make the fine decisions that pdocs make for many patients

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I think robots would do better. They can take the biases out of their judgment.


I see your line of thinking

But I’m thinking a robot would go by general rules determined by an algorithm but in psychiatry there are many black swans - some patients respond only to certain medications and there is a lot of personal factors that go into an individual treatment plan

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Algorithms can soon predict future. I think they can totally manage our symptoms.

Like why do pharmacists even exist to count pills. Its just to protect jobs at the moment. There is a whole industry behind pharmacy.

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I’m down. Sounds cool.

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