Flow tdcs depression machine

I saw this and it is £400.

Medication-free depression treatment at home - Flow Neuroscience

Or you can rent it for £39 a month, to see if it works I guess and affordability of course.


Heard good things, worth a rent.

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Yes, if you suffer from depression it seems like a good rent. Surely anything would be worth a try and £40 pm would be a bargain if it actually worked. :slight_smile:

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Might actually help with symptoms too. It helped @ninjastar, I recall.

I didn’t do Tdcs. I did biofeedback, which is a bit different. It is more like classical conditioning using brainwave measurements. It does not directly stimulate the brain in any way.

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But biofeedback only helped with my OCD symptoms and migraines, not my hallucinations.

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" There is emerging supportive evidence for tDSC in the management of schizophrenia - especially for negative symptoms." though… :slight_smile:

[Transcranial direct-current stimulation - Wikipedia](Transcranial direct-current stimulation - Wikipedia

There was a guy on here a few years ago who did tdcs and felt enough relief to leave. He was gone for about 2 years, then came back because he was feeling ill again.

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