Flavonoid fisetin reverses impaired hippocampal synaptic plasticity and

I tried 2 grams of Fisetin for two consecutive days early this week, this is the dosing that’s being tried in a current clinical trial for frailty in elderly humans. I found 2g for two days totally effortless and I felt no sensations or adverse feelings from it at all, literally nothing. Will try another two days of 2g two weeks after the first go.

I’m more interested in the anti-aging properties of Fisetin than any cognitive effects. It’s being investigated as a senolytic agent to kill off senescent cells in the body in older people. I’m a 58 year old schizophrenia patient with one foot in the grave and no wife or kids who are depending on me, so I reckon I may as well take the risk.


Thanks for this! What product are you using?

I use Revgenetics brand 500mg capsule. Revgenetics are a supplier to some of the research labs as far as I’m aware.

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