Flat facial expression

Anyone else been told they have this since sz? I think it’s a funny term even tho it is a side effect. I also internally laugh and die inside when strangers small talk and ask the infamous question, “How are you?” I just flat face and say “Good.” Lol.


I had to do an interview with another psychiatrist for some Disabililty issue I had because I’d lived overseas and was claiming the pension over here. Shrink said I was dysphoric. I’d like to think I’m a friendly person but you can’t win them all.

I’m usually smiling but if deep in thought I can be a bit like that for sure…

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I have a ‘resting ■■■■■ face.’ Since meds. It’s just to be expected when you become zombified.


I have always been like this.

My family calls it the death stare, and psychiatrists flat or blunted affect

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I still have a normal range of facial expressions. Only time I didn’t was on Seroquel.

At my 1st appointment here in Wiltshire my stepdaughter said I was emotionally very flat. The pdoc said it was antipsychotic related…

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I used to be very flat, when I took Invega.
After I switched away from it, people startet commenting that I seemed much more alive and emotive

Check, I have flat affect. It was worse on Invega.

Every time I am speaking in public I go rigid and start talking in a monotone. It’s dismal.

I never had genuine emotions or a genuine smile, I always faked and forced myself to smile, it comes out as an emotionless smile.

I am suffering when forcing myself to smile.

Definitly less emotions, and less fire inside. It’s like having your emotional scale put in a vice and squeezed, and ended up having less emotions. They are still inside me though, just have to dig deeper to find them.

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