Swearing on this site - new guidelines

This is from the Community Guidelines
I dont plan on cursing anymore on here - not that I used a lot of profanity to begin with.
Instead of flat out cursing - I usually will use the first 2 letters of a curse word - example Sh and follow up with random symbols like $% - Sh$% - I am hinting at the curse word - is this acceptable according to the Community Guideline rules?
Just wondering what is an acceptable substitute according to the new Guidelines - @BarbieBF?

I will refrain from swearing. Until this point I was unaware there were rules. I’ll be a little more clever. Sorry to those who run this site.

Get your facts straight. I said that pushing religion as the only cure was ignorant ■■■■■■■■. I am not religiously or spiritually inclined myself but accept that other people are. However it is medication and/or counselling/therapy that is best placed to help with mental illness, and people pushing religion/spirituality as a.stand alone solution are dangerous and irresponsible.
That is different from using religion/spirituality as part of a package of therapeutic tools,including medication and/ or counselling.therapy, that may bring comfort to an individual.

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I apologize for my ignorant ■■■■■■■■.

I am at times unable to pay attention because of my medications.

Im very ill right now, sorry.

Regardless though of my fo-paw you did say ignorant ■■■■■■■■ which was allowed.

my golden rule is an oldie but goodie: when in doubt leave it out…I’m not much of a swearer myself, I even find it hard to write when I’m working on a novel and the character swears…but I have to remember the golden rule for that: you are not your characters…yeah I guess I have quite a few golden rules about things.

I do not feel the need to make my point by using swear words anymore - not necessary, and there are teens that visit this site - so I would like to be careful. There are proper alternatives to curse words - its no big deal

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I can go with or without the swearing. However I have a fear of things being too nice. I begin to suspect they’re not real.