Flagged posts rant

Flagged posts annoy me, unless it is something illegal. You have a bunch of super sensitive people with no sense of humour that get offended by everything going around flagging stuff.

This website should list the the name of the person who flagged a post so we can get an explanation about what their problem was.

I made a comment in jest, the person I directed it too liked it, then someone flagged it. It wasn’t even that big of a deal.

Sometimes this forum reminds me of a psych ward where we are treated like children and get in trouble for stuff that otherwise wouldn’t matter. There is an authoritarian vibe to this place sometimes.

/end rant


Hmm…I’m curious of the flagged post now…I must look it up…

I deleted it after it got flagged, I usually do to avoid BS.

I can still see it

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I know what you mean, every time I’ve ever been flagged and suspended I posted nothing wrong.

I’m going to close this thread before it turns into a bunch of people complaining that their flags and suspensions are unfair.

Most of the time, flagged comments that are agreed to violate the rules in one way or another. Although, it may be a minor offence in some cases.


It does. To the staff.