Flag on the forum

notice the people who flag have serious reservations against the opposite sex, disposition, or only chime in when it seems safe.

Man, yeah, safe environment makes me feel like putting blinders on too.


Jp .

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thanks, honey. trying not to bring up b.s., but it’s still obvious.

I’ve been flagged a few times before. Don’t think my sex had anything to do with it.

Just sayin…

Am not proud to say my language can sometimes be pretty crude. But I am positively erodite compared to some of the local Glaswegians.

ehhhh, just putting my antenaes out.

Women either patronized or hated.

I think you’re the only female member of these boards who feel that way.

ahh, men responding to men, let me get a like minded person I can agree with to boost me up.

I don’t think you’ll find one.

huh? steer clear of anything that isn’t up my own alley, sex, past friends, or to my liking.

No offense, Daze…but you kinda post in riddles. I find you hard to comprehend quite often. Or maybe it’s just me?


Notice you’re the only one complaining?
Nick strikes again @Azley.
You know I love you daze, lol.

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no Nick, no complaining just talking out loud.

Sounds like complaining AND talking out loud.

alright, men, please be happy when the women post on your thread, they may be free thinking, not wanting sex, and opinionated. Women, let’s see men do the same.

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Wait wait wait…im a male…atleast half of the gods i like are female…i couldnt care less about what sex someone is…i will post wherever i can find something funny…my opinions dont change based on topic creator’s gender…im an equal opportunity smart ass…

yeah. going over to watch the Cubs and get a hamburger. catch ya later.

I’m sorry to hear that it happened to you.

i don’t tell you what to do :frowning:

if i find a post i don’t like i will flag it, like if it is offensive or spam or suicide note, i dont care if it is man, woman or beast.

as long as the people follow the rules then i’m ok.

I flagged you the other day because you were being extremely disrespectful to others. I would hope we all could treat each other good on this forum.