Damn neighbors want to be rotten


I’ll see what I can do. I said some pretty mean things to my former roommate, maybe it will work on these losers. As Cher would say: “Gypsies, tramps, bums and thieves.”


What are they being too loud? Or what’s up? :thinking::thinking::thinking:


Don’t get me wrong; it’s not all day. But it’s every day. Seems to me that if people want to fcking act like they are in jail or on the streets than my solution is simple: Kick the asholes out and put them back on the street or back in jail. Than maybe we will get people to live here who are halfway decent human beings.


Sounds more like bad management. :hamster::hamster::hamster:


It’s what happens if you don’t screen people good enough.


I’m so lucky I have been in this home for almost 15 years with only one trip to the psych hospital. I have my bad times but my worst enemy is still myself.


I ain’t going to any hospital either. I’m careful most of the time.


I complain about mine once in a while on the Say Anything thread but I don’t pretend to know what yours are like. If they are knocking on the walls and in shoving matches it’s too bad management can’t tell their a**es to relax a bit. Ear plugs can help me sometimes. If finances allow maybe a set of noise canceling headphones?

I’m lucky my neighbors are approachable when they piss me off. Sometimes I just leave and walk for a while. If only I had lots of cash. If only I had lots of cash.