Five years schiz, kinda depressed

Youre got a good sense of humour. Sounds like you’ll be alright.

I like abilify despite the side effects which are very few. I made myself go to the crisis center to make sure i stayed on meds

Ya I’m still more or less where I was. Hallucinated last night that my house particularly a dresser and a shirt were breathing. I tried to work but another driver gave me ■■■■ for my appearance. I didn’t do anything but then I ■■■■■■ up my first order so I freaked out and went home. I might have lost my job but idk if I can go back either way, I was pretty mad at the other driver. Like yell at myself in the mirror a bunch mad. I’m embarrassed of my failures and my brain works weird. Support system came through and listened to me. I’m fine for now.

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Its alright that you feel that way. I dropped from college because i couldnt handle my paranoia and anxiety. I have issues with people too. Back when i was 22 i got angry and sick at a job,left and never came back. People there were making fun of me and avoiding me.

Hey stay on your meds and work with your dr to deal with the issues you face. The story about people going off their meds and winding up in a hellish place is way to common. It’s like your in a hole and someone throws you a rope (meds) and your like “I’m tired of holding this rope” so you just drop yourself into the bottom of the pit. Then you’ll say “holy ■■■■ I’m in a pit” well no kidding the rope was holding you up. Don’t you see the pit below?

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I don’t know if it’s ever going to get better, but I’m not going to give up just yet. Science will find a way. My mom always says to have hope, it really helps.

It took my 9 years to get used to sz.

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