Five years on the new SZ forum

I started using this new SZ forum five years ago. It has been quite helpful. It also helps me to maintain my English language. Here where I am we use just Finnish. I write my diary entries mostly in Finnish, but sometimes I use English too. I am not very far from Russia and I should refresh my Russian abilities, but I have not take any time to do so. I think that all SZ members have been wonderful and I have received a lot of new information. The world has changed but the forum has remained the same.


Glad your on board and happy cake day! Keep on keeping on!

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Yeah happy early cake day!

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The board is great, I went from reading some very scary blogs all day to a place with some hope and normalcy (this board). It’s a great thing.

I was not aware Finland had its own native language. I feel like school has failed me, I really should know that.

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