First ect today

Well, got my first ect this morning. It went really well and it wasn’t as scary as I thought it was going to be. I don’t remember the procedure at all! I don’t even remember seeing my doctor, the one that gave it to me. I was out and when I woke up I asked the nurse when I was going to get it done and she said I already did. I’m having a lot of memory loss though…which kinda sucks. Hopefully this will work


I wonder if @HulGil has had their’s yet. I hope your memory sorts itself out and it has some benefit after going through it.

IMHO ect is barbaric. I see you as a victim.

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Good for you. Any headache?

What kind of memory loss have you noticed?

It’s come a long way and shows a lot of positive impact for depression and depression-related psychosis. Very safe, done under anaesthetic.

Yes really bad headache. I lost a lot of memory surrounding the treatment and simple things I should remember that I just don’t such as where I put my smokes and wallet and where the store was Lol. I’m asking the same questions 2 or three times because I forgot I asked them. Its frustrating but I think it’s worth it.worth a shot anyways eh?

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I’m not sure @HulGil got it done or not…I think it’s worth a try…not as scary as I thought it would be!

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Glad that you didn’t find it scary.
ECT helps many people.

Wow you are so brave @Jenn77! Well done.

I hope your memory problems get sorted out soon.

Thanks dude!
I go for my second one tomorrow. I find I’m not as mentally sharp as I was before it started but I think I’ll be okay. Its all been a blur the past two days to be honest

Good luck with the second round. I really admire your courage.

Thank you! Ill keep you updated if you’d like

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You’re brave! I hope it works for you!

Thank you! I hope so too…Its my last option

Not yet, they are still scheduling appointments, verifying with insurance, et cetera. My pdoc says it’s been a “bureaucratic nightmare.”

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Good Luck with Second one…!!!
hope it does trick on u and ur health would be fine and stabled…!!!:pray:.

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Hey buddy. I admire you for taking a proactive role in your treatment. Hope ect is good for you.

Just to say I went through about a dozen APswith little benefit. I thought there was no hope for me. Anyway I started looking at polypharmacy and have now found a combination of meds (APs plus other psych meds) that has helped me a lot.

So good luck with the ect and maybe keep in mind polypharmacy

(PS sorry if you’ve already tried many meds. I totally get how everyone has a different response to meds).

Hey !
Just got home from number 4…still nothing unfortunately… what is polypharmacy??

■■■■ eh…well I hope it goes through well. I’m on number 4, and still nothing.

Glad to hear you’re getting the ECT and not scared. The first 8-12 treatments are the most intense as far as memory loss and general fogginess but if you decide it helps and continue on maintenance it’s really not bad. I think the initial treatments are the most intense because you receive them 3x a week as opposed to once a week or couple of weeks. The memory loss does come back so don’t worry. You’ll also start to notice a difference in symptoms soon. When I was in the hospital receiving my initial treatments the demons I hallucinated started to turn into angels and the pdoc saw this as a positive sign that the treatments were starting to work. I know the side effects are a pain but to be honest the treatments completely stopped my psychosis and I think saved my life. They also made me responsive to my antipsychotics as now I just take meds and haven’t had a treatment since March 2015 after receiving ECT for three years. Hang in there things will get better. :sunny: