First day of winter

So, it’s officially the first day of winter in the Northern Hemisphere. I dislike winter. It’s been cold for awhile here, but now it’s official. Not looking forward to January and February cold. Oh well, in a few months it will be warming up again, and we have Christmas to look forward to in between.

Who else is not a fan of winter? Or maybe you are a fan?


On the bright side, it’s the shortest day of the year , so the days will be getting longer !


I hate winter here in my part of Canada. It gets super cold.


That is true, yeah. I will be glad when the days lengthen up a bit. It gets dark way too early here as it is right now. Getting up up later in the morning as I do, I probably only am getting six or seven hours of sunlight personally.

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Happy Winter Solstice❄️


I don’t mind winter as long as it isn’t raining everyday… that’s the worst in my opinion.
The snow here will be coming just in time… Christmas Day to the following Thursday😬

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I used to love winter. But now I don’t like driving in snow and ice anymore and I definitely don’t like the cold now that I’m always so cold.


It’s so cold here!


I like winter as long as it stays above freezing point. Else I struggle with my asthma. Today it was 3C and sunny so I did a 10K walk. Lovely walking weather in a winter coat.

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I’m not a big fan of winter even though my birthday is in December. Now that I’m getting older I prefer the warm day’s.


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