First day at new job tomorrow

Got my flame retardant one piece gumby suit. Got my steel toed shoes. Got my hard hat. Ready to start driving a fuel truck. Just been trying to remind myself how to shift an 18 speed as it’s been a while for me. (The school buses I drive are mostly automatic with the odd 5 speed tossed in.) None of the Youtube vids I find agree on anything…

Also, read the comments. If you think people here can scrap you haven’t seen truckers fighting over how to clutch (or NOT to clutch). Jeez Louise.



it is like a dance step…when i learnt …i would count in my head…1 then 2…1 then 2 …it has a rhythm to it.
take care :alien:

Cool job pixel. Good luck. Bet it pays alright too.

**Way to go @shutterbug ! Good luck! :truck: *

It will all come back to you. I know you can do it. Good luck.

I’m so happy for you. =)

God knows it isn’t easy.

My job or you being happy?


Totally pwned the 18 speed. Booyeah! Air brakes, getting the hang of those things. TOUCHY!

Got to take the truck to the pit of a coal mine as their fuel truck broke down. Fillled their coal haulers (1000L tanks in those things!). What a mud bog! Truck was black when we came out. Also, sadly have to report I was the victim of a friendly fire incident at the car wash. Two drivers washing one truck doesn’t always work.

Excuse me while I go wash my muddy work clothes…



Keep it up. I’m proud you got it all together.

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Showed up for my second day of work, but I’m so sick with this lousy cold they told me to go home. I just don’t like being the sort who calls in sick on the second day of work so I was prepared to tough it out. Got my Air Brake Endorsement training booked for Saturday morning. 7 am and it’s a 2-hour drive there, so, LONG DAY.

The fellow training me yesterday said I did well, so there’s that.

Currently drinking hot lemon tea and cuddling with Miss Kitty. Oh, and watching some anime. Have to drink my tea before I fall asleep because the cat will poach it if I don’t. I actually pour her a cup each day of the stuff that cools down and she likes it. Go figure.



So that Big Rig driver I saw today on the highway might actually go home and drink tea with his cat??

Thanks Pix…You’ve just given me a new fresh and wholesome perspective on life! :wink:

Best of luck with it @shutterbug - Congrats!

The guy who is training me is a lifelong trucker and also a bookworm who likes Shakespeare. We were discussing the finer points of Titus Andronicus while filling an 8500L tank yesterday afternoon.

Beware assumptions, etc.


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So I suppose the question on those long hauls would be…

To pee or not to pee?

(Thank You! Thank you! I’m here all week! Try the fish!!)

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