First day at new job

It went fine. It was physical, but not as bad as it could’ve been. The boss did not put me in the worst area (where my friend works) like I thought he would; he put me in a shop instead. So it won’t be the back-breaking job I thought it would be.

I started at 7 today, first hour and a half was orientation, but starting tomorrow I will be working 6-3:30 on weekdays and 6-11:30 on Saturdays (Sundays off). So, I’ll be getting 50.5 hrs/wk, nice 10.5 hrs of overtime there. Will make for a decent paycheck.

The guy who is training me is super nice, cool guy. He’s into metal, too. We have a radio back there, listen to morning talk radio, then rock/metal music.

The sorest thing on me is not my back, but rather my feet, from wearing those steel toe boots.

Not a bad first day, though. :slight_smile:


Glad it went well today @freakonaleash :slight_smile:

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What are you doing?

We make molds for car seats. Not baby car seats, I mean the seats in cars. I take the rough mold and use a chipper, grinder and sander to smooth out rough parts of the metal, remove nails, screws and other stuff, then sandblast it.

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That sounds interesting.

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Not really lol, but at least it’s not as repetitive as a factory assembly line. The sandblasting was kinda fun in a way, though cumbersome with the helmet/mask thing I have to wear to do it.

Use to work at amazon it was so repetitive.

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hmmm…I have trouble thinking and other things. I don’t think this job would be for me…im still trying to figure out a job that would fit me and that I can somewhat push through. i think “sign holder” (if that’s even the position name) would fit me. i cant seem to locate local positions though. anybody have any suggestions? my main problem is thinking…which leads to other things…concentration/perception/timing/ almost no emotions/ sometimes inconsistent sleeping patterns.

I think it sounds fun!

I’m excited you had such a good first day,

And it sounds like you’re going to be making some decent money with all that overtime!!

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Yeah, I’ll be bringing home about the same as I did at the hospital, just have to work more hours to do it.


Sounds doable!

More hours, but at least you won’t be bored at home, right?


Now I want a real job,

Like one that you go to and interact with people!

I thought about working at a tasting room near my house,

But if things go bad, I don’t want all my neighbors to know how crazy I am.

Anyway, I’m super happy for you!

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wow this is great news! So happy for you. Hope things only get better from here!

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Glad to hear you’re enjoying your job!
… And getting money out of it!

I’m happy for you :slight_smile:

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It sounds like a good first day at work. Your feet should get used to the steel-toed boots within a few days.


Awesome news @freakonaleash!

I’m happy to hear the work wasn’t hard on your back.

Take care.


Congrats! I’m so happy you got a job so soon and won’t have to be late on rent! I recommend you treat yourself to a pizza!

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Yeah well done matey!

Those boots will wear in and you’ll be sweet!

Physical work is great for me. I love the challenge and working with my hands etc. It’s tough but worthwhile. It’s not brain intensive and you can zone out…do your job and listen to metal??? That is cool my friend. I wish I could have listened to metal over those crap, local top 40 stations!

Well done you!


@freakonaleash I’ve done that job before - I worked in the composite shop. It was a good job with good benefits. But I got injured and had to quit.


Keep it going man!! So proud of you!!