First Date Online

I’m still an online dating virgin but i think i got a date, i’m taking her out on the weekend for a nice meal

looks like paying some money to get noticed has helped, just hope i don’t screw it up.


Wow! I hope it goes well.

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@Resilient1 you are nicer than anyone that I met online! I couldn’t find a gentleman in the crowd! Good luck on your date!


awww thanks danielle,

thanks everhopeful

Its a 45 min drive and i’m taking her to a Castle restaurant,

i’m a bit worried about it :confused:

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That’s great @Resilient1. Personally I’m a picky dater and prefer guys who are moral an just, kind and hardworking and supports the cause, you get the picture… in fact I wouldn’t mind dating someone with mental illness though I guess I prefer someone smart enough to know what to say when I’m feeling down, stuff like that. In fact I don’t recommend serious dating while you’re in a bad place. It’s better to hold out for the right one, if you want my dating advice.

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I have up on online dating. Even though you can meet really genuine people on it, but is hard to go through the grey matter. My first dates usually include going for a walk at a park or getting some coffee. Only on 2nd or 3rd date I invite a girl to go to eat somewhere, I don’t want to waste any money on expensive food.

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That’s great @Resilient1 , I hope everything goes well, I have never tried an online dating, well I have not dated since 1990, 30 years, I am quite happy to be single, well I was in the relationship and married in America nearly 10 years.

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I met a girl in hospital and we were together from 2002- 2016 she was 15 years older but that didnt bother me bc she was very good to me,

the girl i’m dating tomorrow is 10 yrs younger than me but i think it’ll be ok and i really hope i’m doing the right thing, maybe i should have started with a walk idk, but i thought it would be a nice treat for her, this is my first date like this since forever so its a learning curve lol


Good luck 66699

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