Finding a new doctor

I don’t feel like my doctor listens to me much and feel like I should find a new one. I just have such a problem doing things like that. Do I just call new doctors offices? Do I have to get my records from my old one or will the new doc do that? What do I tell my old doc? If I get a new doctor how do I tell social security or do I need to or just if I come up for review? My husband doesn’t understand how hard doing these things are for me he just says just do it.

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I guess there are different systems for different countries.

When I changed doc I went to the government health homepage on the web and switched doctor there.

First I looked up my city, then there was information such as how many people each doctor had on a waitinglist to become their doctor amongst other things. And I found someone with not too many on waiting list and applied.

In my case I had to have my old doctors office send the journal to the new doctor, but I actually didn’t want my new doctor to know about what the old doctor had written about me, and that was fine too. I just told my new doctor my situation, what meds I was on, etcetera.

In the US, you don’t have to report a change in drs.

Call your insurance for drs that are in network and close to you. You can get a list of names from them and then check ratings of those drs online

Then just make an appointment. If they need your old records, they’ll have you sign a release of information form so they can get your records from your former dr.

There’s no need to tell your current dr you’re leaving. Just do it if that’s what you want. You don’t owe them an explanation


Thanks for the help. I’ll call my insurance and see who is in my network

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My last pdoc gave up on me, I dont have a pdoc since 7 january. Its my family dr who manages my meds but he cant change them. I applied for a new pdoc recently, I had to sign a paper at the clinic to make my psychiatric records accessible to my new pdoc. I have an apt with new pdoc 28 august. I just asked my family Dr to refer me to a new pdoc. You can’t see a pdoc in Canada without a referral from your family Dr or gp.

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I’m sorry your pdoc gave up, but maybe it’s for the best. I hope you like the new one

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I was without a pdoc for almost 10 years. My GP prescribed my meds. But I became psychotic back in 2017 and ended up in the Hospital where I got a new pdoc that I didn’t get along with, then I got another pdoc a few days later, been with him ever since.

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