Finally got a pic with one of my favorite musicians

I’m so stoked that I met him and got a pic with him, Waylon Reavis. Waylon is the vocalist for one of my favorite bands, A Killer’s Confession, and a former vocalist for my long-time favorite band, Mushroomhead.

Prior to their set my friend and I chatted a bit with Waylon’s wife, whom was working their merch table, very nice lady.

It was a tiny venue, with at most 35 people in attendance, which meant being right up at the stage. Waylon fist bumped me during a song.

Just a great experience, y’all.


Yeah good matey. Love the live music and me and my 50 plus friends are putting in plans to see some bands this year…So much fun and looks like you’ve had a great time!


Yep indeed, concert season is on. I went to a metal festival two weeks ago, took a vacation to Las Vegas for it. That was an incredible experience. :metal::metal:


Yeah saw that and well done on doing a festival! I’m not up for that at over 50 but keen to get back out there and see some shows…my teen/20’s were all about bands and great shows so now we are all older we are keen to get back amongst it! haha

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I hear ya. At 44 years old, that one-day festival totally kicked my ass :joy::joy::joy:. I couldn’t do a two or three day festival, no way.

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That’s awesome! 155555555555

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oh wow…you are awesome for being able to mingle with rock stars…I would be way too nervous.

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Yeah I passed up getting a pic with him the last time I saw them, six months ago, because I was too nervous. I mean, he’s not a rich and famous rock star, but still he’s a big deal to me. After the last time, though, I told myself I wouldn’t pass up such an opportunity again. Such a great guy, too, really appreciates his fans.

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