Finally gone caffeine free

I decided to try going almost completely caffeine free since I got a head start in the hospital last week.

So far pretty good results… Not getting as many headaches and I am definitely sleeping better. My back injury doesn’t seem to bother me as much either since my muscles aren’t as tense.

I will still have a decaf coffee in the morning now and then but that’s about it.


i#ve switched to decaf too…i don’t see any change in me though


are you MAD !?! :smiley:
:coffee: can you hear the coffee cup ? … it is weeping !! :crying_cat_face:
take care :alien:


Are you on anti-psychotic meds? If so, it’ll interesting to see how this changes (likely improving) their intended effects.

Risperdal,ativan and prozac are my psych meds… seem all to be working fine right now.

I need to have my morning coffee at least, maybe also in the afternoon. It is just a habit.

Risperdal may feel “stronger” now or soon. I’d expect at least the possibility that you won’t need Ativan as much, maybe even not at all in time. Not sure what will happen with Prozac’s effects. They may seem more “wavey” and less “spikey” would be my (observed > educated, and vice-versa) guess.

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I’d drank ten cups of coffee a day for forty years. Finally, I decided it would be cheaper and easier just to take caffeine pills. I take two 200 mg pills a day. I think most of the effect that caffeine has on me now is psychological. I’ve sometimes wondered if I quit all caffeine and meditated I could make it without my med’s, even though the effect of the caffeine is probably psychological. It’s so defeatist to keep taking it.

I don’t think I would move without caffiene.