Finally getting over my stage fright

I don’t know if the more senior members of the forum remember when I posted a thread on my terrible stage fright when singing and playing guitar in front of an audience. Well, to make a long story short, in the last little more than a year I’ve had a good deal of success. Not just when we jam on music therapy days, but a few of the talent shows and even last year’s Christmas sing-a-long. What’s helped is having the music in front of me, but I did manage to do one song without it. There are a couple of other clients who think I should try to make it big, but at my age and living in a city like this, it’s unlikely to happen. If all I end up doing are covers and maybe I can both educate and turn people on to an artist they’ve never heard of, that’s good enough for me. I even made 3 videos of me performing Coldplay songs at last year’s talent show on Hallowe’en shot on my iPod Touch. I promise I’ll try to find a way to upload them to the forum! :blush:


That’s great to hear. Performing in front of people is pretty daunting. Good job on being able to do it. :sunny:

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I think the only way you can upload videos to the forum is through YouTube. You have to put it there first.

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