Final exam today

Hi guys! ^^

Today I have a final exam for my political science class. I feel like I can ace it!! Wish me luck!! xD


Good luck on your exam!

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“Space. The final frontier. We are the voyagers of the starsh…”

Oops, sorry, just trippen’.

Good. good luck for sure. Sounds like you have more skill going , then luck though.

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Good luck…hope you ace the test!

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Best of luck my japanese soilder…!!! Keep update us…!!

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I know I’m late but good luck!

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Good luck.

On a side note, I wish I was smart enough to pass the actuary exams. I tried studying once but didn’t even have the ability to attempt the test.

Thanks for wishing me good luck! it went well^^

I dont really think people who study are necessarily smart lol im guessing most people who dont have to deal with much mental stuff can quiet their minds enough to be able to open up a textbook without thinking about anything. i dont think its about high levels of self discipline or intelligence.

in my early stages of sz, studying was impossible, especially in middle school and high school. I’ve failed a lot of classes, but i never thought of myself as stupid or dumb compared to others. I just had something big that everyone else wasnt dealing with i was doing my best just by even going to school.

as a fellow sz who just went through most of their finals while feeling hella anxiety, i just wanna say just becuz u couldnt study or attempt the test, doesnt mean that ur not smart. u just had a lot of mental bs to deal with that other ppl didnt. the fact that u tried is a very notable achievement that you should be proud of yourself for. im proud of u (^-^)/

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