Going to fail my test

I was lazy and decided not study. Oh well, too late now

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Try to get at least a little studying in! Some is better than none. Take lots of little breaks. Those always help me.

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I’ll try, anything is better than nothing at all


Was it an online test? Or an in-person test?

I hope you did okay on it. :v:

I passed! I actual got 100%, I seriously didn’t miss one question. So I guess I freaked out over nothing


It was in person, I actually ended up doing really well, thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

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I did that almost every time I study for a test. Panicked and thought I didn’t study enough so I’m gonna fail, end up passing with flying colors anyway. Are you usually a good test-taker? :slight_smile:

Not really, I get too anxious and end up forgetting everything. Doesn’t help that my memory sucks even on the best of days :laughing:

Aww. Test-taking anxiety is the worst! If you ever need studying tips, feel free to hit me up. I picked up a few techniques over the years that have helped with my attention and memory.

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