Fighting off my demons

really on edge today :frowning: my heart is in my mouth and i am pretty jumping a bit like the rabbit in the headlights syndrome, trying to just stay with it, its a really hard day, its nice outside but i have been out with sweep and it nearly finished me off, all of the people and everything, its weird how i can cope with 5 hrs doing a counselling class with breaks but an hour in a shopping centre and my brain is reduced to mush :frowning:

i think it has a lot to do with all the stress of this referendum as well, the vote is tomorrow and i am really worried about the outcome its like the fate of the world hangs in the balance and the whole election is based around my vote, my single vote. they have been building us up and me into a frenzy over this and God knows whats going to happen if its a no :frowning:

i feel like crying to be honest, am i making the right decision, what if it all goes to hell, what if they are lying and all of that stuff, i hate politicians they think they are in charge but they are not, when they meet their makers they will have to answer for their crimes and they will be judged whether they have been good or bad and we all know that there is no such thing as a good politician, i’d like to think our own politicians from our own country would treat us fairer than the westminster government bc all i have heard from them is lie after lie after lie and they never do what they say and i hate them for that.

so yeah i am pretty fkd up today and will probably be even worse tomorrow despite having a class to go to so maybe the next week as well i will try my best but under the surface i can feel it bubbling up and i just hope it doesn’t boil over bc i need to keep it together. sorry for the rant its just i am so wound up just now :cry:

You’re living in Ireland right? I don’t think the referendum is going to make THAT much difference.

If Scotland gains it’s independence… it’s not going to change it’s culture or its education. It might have some money of it’s own for resource development… but it will still be the same ole Scotland.

There is still going to be trade… there is still going to be electricity… there is still going to be Tesco’s.

Not much will change immediately because they still haven’t decided on a currency value. So they have to stick with the status quo until they get a currency sorted out… independence will allow that discussion… but nothing in politics moves that fast…

Please don’t let this upset you… I bet change will be slow and life will be as you know it.

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Awww…Don’t feel sad. Your feelings for others show how soft-hearted you are. If you believe in God, just pray that everything goes well. Sometimes, when you feel crying, don’t stop it. Cry alone or with your friend but don’t hold it.

Sending you warm hug.


i think i might be crying on the night of the vote :frowning: its only tomorrow, i think there will be a wall of tears that will flood the uk its unbelievable and i just hope that nothing bad happens, idk what i am going to do if its a no :frowning: i have been thinking so hard about this and i still have doubts

but its more than just money its about making decisions for ourselves and standing on our own two feet, this country has been used and abused for so long now, they have taken 6000 miles of our waters in a backhanded deal in 1999 with at least 7 oil fields on it and if they can do that God knows what else they are capable of :frowning: bunch of thieving toe rags :frowning:

daydreamer, you may be right.

Don’t think too much about it at the moment. Cast your vote based on your understanding and then hope for the best. That’s all you can do, so don’t get panic or feel low. You did what you thought is good.


Are you hoping for independence or are you hoping for the remainder of the union? I’m sorry if I misunderstood your hope.

I was thinking you were getting nervous about everything that might change.

i am getting nervous about change but also a pro-independence person, it is very hard to explain i want change but i am afraid of what might happen, trying to keep an open mind and have a little faith bc i was a no voter but i changed my mind after thinking about all of the ■■■■ we have had to put up with over the years from them, i’m all for nuclear disarmament but i would need assurances that nobody else had a bomb that could wipe out Scotland,


I think you sound psychotic and need professional help- you should call your pdoc

I think in the end it will all come out right.
Hope you can get some peace.
I do not like malls either!:frowning: