Ferguson shooting


I don’t even think it’s about michael brown really.

The endless repetitive instances of abuse, racism, control, being kept in poverty, abuses of power, thats what it is.

Michael just set it off. It was already heading in that direction.

Whatever happened that day is irrelevant because it was going down one way or the other.

There are just so many people here that deserve a good riot.

Being kept in a ditch? Being treated like ■■■■? Go for it. Just burn it all down like you want. Burn it all for all i care. No one should have to take the abuse.

Yeah but a riot doesn’t change anything. Blah blah blah, so they should just shut their mouths and take it then? yeah just do nothing then. Just stay where you are. ■■■■■■■■. If the option is get ■■■■■■ or riot what would you do?


The problem with burning down businesses is two fold (1.) It takes away the providers of goods and services that make life better for everyone (2.) It takes away jobs at those businesses which support the community. There was this black reporter on TV who was saying there are no winners in this. Everybody is losing.


The problem is that there is a culture of believing themselves to be victims with these people. Now, no matter what happens, they automatically think they’re being abused. There’s no way this “poor little kid” could possibly be the aggressor. Couple that with the fact that most get their information from rumor and media, which knew very little about the actual facts. In the end, they just want to lash out, and get a new tv.


I think that more African Americans should have been policing Ferguson - the town is 70 percent black - The majority of the cops on the Ferguson police force are white - I think that there are only a few black police officers.
The majority of the cops dont live in Ferguson - I think that Community policing could have made a difference.
Rioting - looting is a waste of time - lots of black owned businesses took a big financial hit.
I do think that more intense community focused police training is a must -
let me leave it at that



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