The riots about police brutality


The riots about police brutality and racism in America. What are your thoughts? A lot of people are sick of hearing about it, but I think it’s an issue that should be addressed.

Police was not indited...Ferguson Missouri (should this be news or diagnosed?)


I heard my husband talked about the riots last night. He watched the international news. But I am not very clear about the whole event.


My take on it (I may be wrong but anyway), African American’s don’t feel they are equal to rights to whites. And the ones protesting are complaining that people: police in general, are racial profiles, basically judging a person by their skin color. Michael Brown case in point, they think had he not have been a young black man he wouldn’t have been shot by this officer and things would have been held extremely differently.And specifically the people in Ferguson which is a predominantly African American community is being controlled not only by more white cops, but white leaders.

If the protesters are truly in belief that there is no just for them, I support their ability to peacefully protest, but burning stores, breaking windows, setting cars on fire, looting…this isn’t the right way to get whatever message it is you’re trying t to send. If you are a protester and want the proper message sent, act like adults and if need be kick these people to the curb that are just causing all this senseless destruction!

It’s also loosing value that they are complaining about being equal with their white neighbors when they go and burn/break/loot businesses owned and ran by African American people…


Thanks for the explanation to this riots by black Americans. I can understand your concerns and attitude. Now I can discuss more about this event with my husband.


They have every right to protest, but burning down businesses is cutting off your nose to spite your face. They are destroying their neighborhoods when they do that. Looting and robbing businesses makes it very difficult for businesses to come in and provide the goods and services that make life better for everyone. Businesses provide jobs that contribute taxes and support the community in other ways.


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