Felt dissociation from lack of meds

I waited for my new prescription and it took a little while longer than expected but finally yesterday got it. So I had to take my amisulpride half dose for three days. Missed my night dose three times. I was worried I’d show some symptoms but those I did show were minimal - and not those I expected. I expected to feel jumbled in my head or hear voices but experienced dissociation instead.

Yesterday when I walked to library I had a weird experience - I felt my legs were not my own but someone else walking for me. I was nearly at the library and I panicked; I thought how am I going to get home again? When I was browsing for books I felt anxious but fortunately it passed and I got home ok.

Today again I had the same experience when walking out shops with my trolley. In shops too. Felt dissociation from my legs and from my surroundings. Anxiety again. Was glad to leave and go home.

I guess it was the lack of meds that caused it as it doesn’t happen a lot. I get it when I’m stressed too, like when I am driving. And I float away from myself. Its so weird!

Is it part of the sz? Do you guys also get it?

Dissociative disorder. It’s normal. I do it too. I don’t take medicine to be this symptom

I have schizoaffective and I feel like I’m floating sometimes. Sounds similar to what you are describing.

It’s scary when I’m driving because I lose alertness and sometimes hubby had to scream at me to wake my senses up. I find it hard to drive sometimes because I lose that full awareness like it’s not me at the wheel.

I dissociate a lot so im kinda used to it. when it happens I normally feel pretty numb so I don’t panic so much or I’m completely blacked out. I suggest grounding techniques to help you out. Theyll help you stay present.

I felt disassociated on Vraylar when I was on it.

I go through periods of dissociation, mostly where I suddenly think existence is REALLY weird and like it no longer makes any sense. Usually when that happens, I also get weirded out by how tiny my hands are.

I think it’s considered a positive symptom.

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