Out of body experience

Last night just before going to bed I felt suddenly like my soul wasn’t in my body, like I was floating above my body, like my body was very light, like it wasn’t mine anymore. Felt strange.

Is this something people with sz/sza experience?

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Hey earth child…lets talk about it maybe

Yes we can talk…

I had that when unmedicated and when under complete anesthesia during surgery.

It sounds like dissociation, i feel the same sometimes

It could have been a night time hallucination, hallucinating just after waking up or falling asleep.
Hypnagogic or hypnopompic hallucinations.

I was still sitting up on the edge of the bed, wide awake. It was surreal. It did happen in past before but first time in a while.

Even now my body still feels detached from my soul. Like the two are gases or something.

It was different a few hours ago when I got up after a nap - then my body was heavy and my soul weighted down

Are you on a new medication?
Did you change doses?

No I’m still on amisulpride (200mg) but last two nights took extra 100mg to help with mixed episode I had over the last two days before that. Don’t know if it’s the amisulpride causing the problem because I did increase it to 300mg in past without noticing any dissociation experience

My other meds I increased a few days before that - olanzapine 2,5mg - 5mg and lamotrigine 150mg - 175mg.

This is actually very interesting, both of us are on amisulpride. I suspect it could be tied to this medication, because I used to feel moving my mouth and body, the rest of senses when it came to my mind it felt like it wasn’t mine.

I felt either complete duality, or couldn’t feel and connect to my mind at all. When I stopped solian the duality went away. Just to be more precise, it feels like observing yourself from a distance.

It could be from the increased doses @Hadeda

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