Feels like summer

Must be 80 degrees out there. My apartment gets so hot. I have air conditioner and open windows but it’s still hot on hot nights. I remember saying I can’t wait for it to get hot but fall is the best season weather wise I think :thought_balloon:.


its is better to close windows if its very hot, so warmth doesnt come in inside and use conditioneer


yeah I am thinking of turning on the AC too =(

My morning has been a disaster again. I am trying to distract myself

i haven’t experienced Spring in this new neighborhood. but i think the cold marble floor basement will keep me cool during hot weather, i think.

Oh my, I’m jealous. We are heading into winter here in Melbourne.

I am happy today and enjoying the :sunny:

Gonna do lots of stuff today and tomorrow :smiley:

well the cold marble floor idea isn’t quite working as well as i thought today

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Doesn’t feel like summer in Omaha, NE yet. Feels more like Spring. Lots of rain and thunderstorms and it was a bit chilly today after the storm last night. It’s 6:30 pm right now and it’s 62 degrees Farenheit.