Feels like hell just keeps sending different demons

To break me…first there was that one during my first psychotic episode…then Plague…and then that one in my dreams last night…all of them have had different techniques to try to make me give up fighting…the one last night wanted to terrify me into submission by really hurting me, I was beaten and stabbed and could feel the pain…Plague was more gentle and about temptation, and the first one was a mix of both really. I don’t care how many are sent after me, they’ll all lose. I’m too strong for them. But I sure wish Hell would leave me alone!!


Don’t give up @Anna!

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I’m scared he’ll show up in my dream again tonight…the first demon looked like some weird dark purple genie thing, Plague always looked like a shadow figure and this one looked like a normal man in his 30’s. He was still very scary though. I may have trouble falling asleep tonight :disappointed:

risperidone and a small bit of abilify or haldol. You were considering these at one point. But then you said things were under control.

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I’m really sorry. I can’t imagine how scary it could be because I have never experienced that but it looks like very difficult to live. You are very courageous to live with these symptoms.

Yeah they are I just had a bad nightmare out of nowhere and it’s got me anxious

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@Anna just for what it’s worth I’ve had to deal with this whole demon thing too. Now I’m on an AP I don’t have to deal with them. I still have a few unusual beliefs about them but that’s all in the background.



I used to think i was destined for Hell for eternity to be tortured forever… but then i realized that God loves us all, and if God is true, loving, caring, just, righteous, gracious, merciful, forgiving, and glorious, then we have nothing to worry about. Try looking up a prayer to rid the demons in your life, perhaps they are seen in your dreams/etc because of “demons in your life” so try this. Pray to God, if you believe in God, and pray “God, please take away the mean, nasty, evil, bad people in my life and my family and friend’s lives and keep them away from us forever and ever, Amen.” … I did that, and i lost 10-12 ““friends”” within the next 3-4 months, no joke! He listens and hears us Anna, have faith, and try Latuda, Zoloft, and Trileptal, a combination of the 3, or all 3, etc. good luck! Hope things get better!

They’re called “customers” and we are supposed to be nice to them.


Hang in there Anna, pull out an imaginary lightsaber on those things! Just don’t hit anything. And don’t tell your psychiatrist about the lightsaber.

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Im really sorry, I couldn’t imagine how terrible it must be to be haunted in your dreams.

Really hope that gets better for you, schiz can be such a hell.

I just really can’t imagine proportioning this fight in your head in a god devil way,
Like I think about all the bounds of sizing it up that way, and its like damn, I’ve gone through things like that.
I use to be religious,

I remember there was like a day I prayed,
it was like revealed to me that literally all of it was in my head, like zoomed in and out.
Even this grasp of god of mine, so to speak was literally just this imaginary force and illness I was combating in my head.

It wasn’t a realistic relationship with him, it was my illness.
And from that day I just let go of all religious hold to this illness, and it all came in like good heart to me again, and I just carried on my way.

Anyways, hope it gets better for you couldn’t imagine what your going through.

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