Feelings, a poem by Daze

Feelings by Daze

I feel I’ll pull the night

from off of my clothes

and make a magnet for my fridge

to hold these loose thoughts

and pictures we did doing time

I feel the daybreak is too vast to hold

but I rise with my pink hair taking in the blues

call myself woman, for a man who takes on another

I feel I’ve done everything outright or sweet

when I’m called to be a figure of the imagination

more real they say than the actual Truth

I feel that life is but a casual friend I’ve never had

constant and standing with me til the end

almost certain of nothing til I have to save myself.


I really like this a lot. Well done!


thanks, honey

I was in the mood to write this morning.



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Brilliant Daze
Youve got an acute observing style
Love it

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Good poetry @Daze!
I like it!

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