Feeling pretty good today considering that

I totaled my car yesterday. It’s done :white_check_mark:. 60k miles 2010 Mazda 3 that had no issues whatsoever. Could have been worse I guess. But I always said “as long as I don’t crash, this car will last me a long time”. As long as I don’t crash

Because Mazda’s last a while but they total easily in crashes. Damn this sucks. Oh well. Like I said I’m not as mad as I should be… but I loved that car. My next car will be bigger. Truck/suv or something. Since 5 years ago I’ve hated the lowness of the car. I wanted something bigger. Still cherished that car but used to get anxiety because of how low it is. So if every touch of grey has a silver lining…I’m sure there’s some silver lining out there but hard to find right now.

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Sorry about your car. It’s a lifeline. Glad you’re ok though.

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Do you have enough saved to get something else??

Glad your okay. You can always get a new car, but you only have one life.

As long as your fine I wouldn’t worry about the car.
Material things can be replaced but we can’t.

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