Feeling overwhelmed with life as it is

I’m feeling very overwhelmed with life. I have a lot of responsibility on my shoulders that I can’t handle. Well, maybe can handle it but at breaking point. Today it was hectic. I went with my husband to hospital for his neurology appointment, I had to drive him there and back. Oh I hate driving! But I have to because he has epileptic seizures. At the doctor, she reminded us of his other possible illness - SZ. But neither my husband nor me believe he has it, and he has not been taking antipsychotics for a while. One stressful day a few weeks ago I almost believed my husband had SZ because he was paranoid about someone in a car following us and we couldn’t go home because they would come and kill us. So maybe my husband is SZ like me? He was also in hospital with me in the beginning of the year, we were both in psychiatric hospital. I’m worried I can’t cope properly with my husband’s illness, especially epilepsy. And he wants children too, and I’m just thinking - I have to drive, I have to cook the food, I have to clean the house, and I have to look after the child, whilst he… I’m not saying he does nothing, but I feel overburdened, and I’m not an independent person. I’m just so scared one day I’ll crack. I was thinking today of suicide - hanging myself by my scarf under the stairs… not that I want to die, but that I feel so overwhelmed I don’t know if I can cope in the future. I suppose its just one day at a time otherwise I will snap. It is my love for my husband that is keeping me from snapping, and the one day at a time philosophy. But today was just a really hard day… Well, that’s enough of my babbling, I feel like I am going to go on and on if I don’t stop now!

First of all I am sorry you are feeling like this. I don’t know what to advice. I just hope you feel better. Please don’t try anything like that.

Secondly, I read somewhere that seizures can sometimes cause psychosis? Has that been a possibility considered?

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mrs.sith and i made a decision not to have kids because of my sz and my wife’s cancer and other things…we did not want our kids to suffer and go through what we have gone through.
ironically , we could not have kids anyway…the decision was taken away from us.
i can understand you feeling overwhelmed but just take one step at a time.
know someone cares.
take care

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Would it help you to discuss with your husband that you are feeling overwhelmed?

dear Saadiqah, I am so sorry you had the urge to end your life…please don’t think like that…ignore the thoughts of doing anything like that? I get thougths like that but I don’t want to do them, they just pop in my head and I ignore them and move on without even thinking about it…I tried to end my life twice and I finally drew the conclusion that God had a plan for me…and it took a while to see the good in life, but now my family is in full support of me and I have a good feeling about life…I am sorry for all your troubles…must be hard.

Does your husbands doctor think he has sz?
I do not like that feeling of being overwhelmed! When I feel that way-I just drop a few “to-do” things off my list that can wait. Instead of cooking, some nights you could order in or go out to eat. Hope your feeling better soon ))

My husband was in hospital with me because he had a psychotic episode one night which led to a stay in hospital then he escaped and when I had to go into the same hospital then they kept him as well and transferred us both to a psychiatric hospital which diagnosed him also with SZ. His neurologist doctors go with the diagnosis as well, but they didn’t initially see it in him.

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The very same day I ordered a KFC Twister for my husband for supper, so I didn’t have to cook :smile: He’s easy with food.

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I`m all about little conviences when the load is heavy!:>