Feeling nervous about standing up to my doc

I have kind of asserted myself but am very nervous now. I spent 5 years at med school and I was always scared of male consultants. This has transferred into my relationship as a patient.

Have terrible ibs now due to nerves.

When do you think you’ll hear back from them now that you’ve made your position clear?

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The nurse said she will get back to me by Monday latest. I have this fear that my pdoc will take me off his list.

I’m nearly terrified of my pdoc. He’s been very forceful about me taking meds with the help of my parents. I had a delusion that he was a terrorist years ago because he’s middle eastern and I felt like he was terrorizing me with meds. I know that’s racist and ridiculous but it was a delusion I had. I’ve started to like him in the last couple years and I realize he has probably helped me, maybe more than I think.

I doubt they can do that. They can’t leave you high and dry. Calm down, enjoy the weekend and well done for stucking up for yourself.

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Thanks @everhopeful - you are a pal