Feeling like I'm not good enough for this world?

I just feel totally ■■■■. Like reality has come crashing down apon me.ive felt like this for a while since I got I’ll. Like what is the point in anything anymore when you feel no joy,no happiness.i see no point in trying. I feel depressed with life because I’m not perfect.im never going to meet anyone and am going to be alone for the rest of my life I’m ruined and I’ve got no one to blame apart from myself. I hate myself. And what is worse is that I’m scared of life. I wouldnt wish my fate apon my worse enemy but what can i dom wish I could just have something I enjoy but I dont enjoy anything no more. I’m just tired of everything. tired of trying to be perfect. I have tryed and wasted money on all these false hobbies that were supposed to make my happy but .bring me no joy in under any circumstances.

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That’s probably not true. But even if it was, it’s better to be alone than in a bad relationship.

It sounds like you’re having a bad day.

I hope things turn around for you.


With my family around I dont really need a partner honestly. My brothers cheer me up.

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Thank you ì appreciate your kind words

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Fair enough but I dont have a big family unfortunately.

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Why cant you enjoy your hobbies? What do you do in your time? I enjoy playing video games, vaping, music, talking to family and friends etc I still feel bad about not being able to work though.

I dont know why honestly I just feel like I put to much pressure on myself to create something perfect but it’s hard plus I’m impatient.

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Nobody is perfect, and creating perfect things (like art) doesn’t come easy to anyone.

We’re all newbies at our hobbies or jobs at some point.

Take it easy on yourself.

The people I admire the most are the ones who have flaws. It makes them more relatable and human.


By the way, did you know the Amish purposedly make errors in their handcrafts?
In their beliefs, only their god can create perfect things. We’re humans, so we make mistakes and they think it’s wrong to pretend otherwise

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I feel I am brave

I could not love anyone who was perfect. We would have nothing in common.

It’s not your fault having an illness!

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