Feeling like a hikikomori

If u don’t know what that is. Its a term coined in Japan to describe people mainly males who rarely if ever leave their home. I just don’t feel like leaving the house anymore. Nothing motivates me to leave the house. Its like theirs nothing out in the world to see. I want to travel but don’t have the resources to do so. If i could i would hop on the bus right now and take a vacation somewhere but i can’t. This semester can’t end quick enough


If i could i would hop on the bus right now and take a vacation somewhere but i can’t. This semester can’t end quick enough

That sounds like you at least have the desire to go, which is a good thing.

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Right. I want to go somewhere like Japan or Africa or even Argentina (mainly Japan) but i don’t have the capital or know how to go. Its just here in America that theres the feeling of “nothing to be done or seen”. I don’t understand how people leave their houses all the time.

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The french word for hikikomori is “pantouflard.” I feel the same way you do about leaving the house.


I only leave the house when I have to go to the store, and that’s less than 30 minutes. I’m semi-hikikomori.

If it weren’t for being married to a man (now he’s my ex, there is a limit to things ya’ know) that could not sit home for more than a few days, I’d have never left my living room unaccompanied.
I have 2 full passports (souvenir stamp-please) and all the experiences that I wouldn’t trade for anything.

It opened up my world and made me appreciate all the things I have, do, and am, and it’s hard now, to focus on how small my problems seem when I compare them to what I see others have to deal with on a daily basis.

If you really want to travel, you will find a way.
If you haven’t traveled on your own before, look for a tour group travel that does everything for you, and learn the ways of getting yourself from one place to another with the least hassle.
It can be a lot cheaper, because they get discounts based on volume of their group, and it’s a no brainer too, since they guide you through each and every step.
You can start to build a network of friends and branch out little by little, it’s entirely up to you as to how much you want to do.

When your world looks small and closes in on you, It’s time to lift the ceiling and travel.

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if all goes well I will be going to Kyoto Japan this coming Xmas, its a big IF right now, since the original plan was to take my baby sister with us. I got my passport a week ago, but I had to anyway because my boss wants me to go meet a potential business partner in Canada…He says it will ‘open the doors’ for me…not sure what he means, but yeah.

But I used to have the same feeling of not wanting to leave the house…infact I was a true Hikikomori, I played video games and watched anime all day long and had my roommate go get groceries…it was abad time for me…Then my Roommate called my best friend and my best friend came and made me run until I passed out…twice…and puked…three times…