Feeling like a boring person

I started to feel like the most boring creature in the world.

I’m young, I’ve had relationships and things of my own in my life… I just heard a question from a friend, “isn’t your life boring?”
And I don’t know the answer.

She is different… she had n sexual and romantic partners, they were constantly changing, photo sessions with nudity, drugs, other crap (in my eyes). Strange meditative activities, where I suspect drugs are also in a race.

Yes, her life is not boring… but how is mine worse? I have a boyfriend for several years, I read, I study, I travel a lot. Basically, I’m happy at times, maybe gloomy at times… the bottom line is that I was offended by her question. After all, she is only a couple of years younger than me, and in her eyes my life is colorless.

And I am worried. She has changed, I have changed since the beginning of our school friendship.
And I don’t want to lose this friend… it’s just that I see her path becoming more and more unpredictable while mine is partially on the mend (I’ve had serious mental health problems, that’s enough I think). And at the same time, the question arose - maybe I’m wrong? Maybe I should just let this person go, even though I know she’s naive and good, and that sometimes she doesn’t know exactly what she wants.

I’ve been told I’m boring too. I dont think you are.


I’m kinda thinking… why society thinks that having numerous sexual partners is better than having one, for example.

Or that going to party is better than reading a book.

And in fact, I fear I will lose this friend. She is very naive and good, just she is right now chossing not the right path. :confused: Maybe, it’s the right one for her. IDK.

and thanks :blue_heart:

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Where I am fortunately society doesn’t think either is better than the other. Sorry to hear its like that where you are.

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most people in my country would believe I am a bit of a nerd, or a boring person. Mostly young people.

While I was in school I even heard that I care too much about books from other classmates. I was 12

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If she wants to shag about let her. Your not her keeper, even tho she is your friend.

Some people need to make their own mistakes to learn from it.


Well with having sz your life is definitely different in that it’s important to keep stress low.

I tend to go astray a lot from what society thinks is “cool” or “in.”

Reading books is cool.

Alcohol sucks. Bars and nightclubs also suck.

And in regards to sex, it’s all about quality or quantity.

It’s way better (and healthier!) to have one loyal partner to have sex with. That way you both can learn each other’s bodies and any other kinks you might want to throw in.

Just my 2 cents. I’m only a beetle. :crazy_face:


I definetly agree we have to make our own mistakes.

Probably the biggest reason why I think so much about her, is that when we met she was… well similar but also very different.

Now everything she talks about are male. Nothing else. I don’t know I simply don’t want to phone call or meet her anymore.

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okay I love the part about one partner and those kinks :smiley: !

probably same with me… I turned into an outsider, in some eyes.

But it’s not so bad to be an outsider sometimes, huh?

Overall, I think that I overthink such things too much… overall I cannot control anyone’s else’s life, except mine. I should concentrate on studies more :smiley:

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My life is better without both, even if I do miss controlling the dance floor in a nightclub.


Yes! Ya gotta get them degrees ma’am. :wink:

@ozymandias Same with me in regards to quitting the drink.

But if someone puts on The Talking Head I’m dancing like it’s 1999. :crazy_face:


I’m trying to get a live mix show going again on SQFM, but that would require not feeling like I’ve been dead for a week.

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I am boring only with some people.
I don’t connect with them.


You can have fun without drugs and alcohol. Start appreciating the little things in life and your world will open up a bit


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