Feeling depressed this morning

Woke up to the same old same old. Sorry to be a negative Nancy, but I need to express sometime!.

I came to a coffee shop and am having my morning breakfast and coffee. Hopefully things will pick up after that.


Well enjoy your breakfast and hopefully things will turn around for you

Hope your day gets better @VanDam. Maybe you should try doing something different today, something to break out of that same old same old.

Yes, I will. A cup of coffee has lifted my mood a littlebit.

Thanks for your comments

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I’m sorry that your feeling down @VanDam.
Wishing you well!

That sucks depression is awful

Sorry you woke up feeling a bit flat today. Don’t apologise for expressing yourself, this is a support site, not just a place for people to post only if they’re feeling happy. A coffee and breakfast at a cafe sounds nice. Hopefully your mood lifts as the day goes on.

Thank you guys, 1pm here now and I’m doing ok… Hey we can’t expect to be high all the time.

Hope yall are having a good day/night

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How are you doing @Wave?

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Took a small nap so feeling a bit better.

What country do you live in? I’m relaxing in my room with air conditioning now :slight_smile:

USA - Where are you from?

I’m from the USA, but living in Thailand. I was asking because I thought it would be late there. Here it is daytime.

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