Feeling a little invisible today

I don’t really want to be alone rn. Edit: What’s everyone up to today?

Not much. Just monitoring the forum and facebook messenger. Probably will take dog for a walk later.

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Your not alone. I was thinking if I could chose what to do today I would spend time with a friend, but alas I have to settle for washing clothes at home. Well at least the machine does the washing :smiling_face:


is there anything on tv sometimes that helps

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Oddly I want to be with people. Normally I don’t

Is there anyone you could call, and arrange to meet up? I think I get how youre feeling. A lot of the time I have to initiate conversations and that in itself can make me feel invisible. But don’t give up hope.

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I gave it a shot with an old friend. Understandably, he did not answer.

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